Why Polyurea Is a Better Floor Coating Than Epoxy

Sep 07, 2021

Why Polyurea Is Better Than Epoxy Having a coating applied to a concrete floor at your home or place of business can provide many benefits. Left on its own, bare concrete is susceptible to damage, hard to clean, and not much to look at. A concrete coating can strengthen the floor and make it easier to maintain, while adding color and shine to the space. Polyurea and epoxy coatings are two common products used to accomplish this task, but which of the two is better? At Showcase Concrete Coatings, we consider this an easy question to answer: Polyurea is better. Here’s why we install this product instead of epoxy for our customers:

Polyurea Concrete Coatings Are Flexible

While both polyurea and epoxy offer varying levels of durability and resistance to damage, polyurea outperforms epoxy because it is flexible. Comparing the two materials, epoxy is more or less a glue that, once dry, becomes hard and immobile. Polyurea is a synthetic material that can move with concrete that is affected by a heavy weight or drastic change in temperature and therefore provides longer-lasting durability.

Polyurea Concrete Coatings Cure More Quickly

You’re excited for a beautiful new floor at your home or business and are eager for the project to be completed. Epoxy flooring, though it can be installed in as little as a day, takes a couple of days or more to fully dry and cure. Polyurea, on the other hand, cures much more quickly and is able to be walked on as soon as 4–6 hours after installation. After only 24 hours, it is ready to bear the weight of cars or equipment.

The Right Choice for Your Home or Business

The concrete coatings offered by Showcase Concrete Coatings offer the beauty and long-lasting durability you want from your new floor. To learn about other the benefits of our polyurea concrete coatings, contact us today. We’re based in Clearwater, Florida, and serve the Tampa Bay area.

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