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Shop Floor Coatings Clearwater FL Has the floor of your commercial shop in the Tampa Bay area worn down over the years? If so, turn to Showcase Concrete Coatings for a solution. Based in Clearwater, Florida, we offer low-maintenance shop floor coatings that are durable enough to withstand wear and tear from your daily operations year after year. You can count on our team of dedicated professionals to help you choose the perfect option for your commercial garage and install it perfectly.

Durable Shop Floor Coatings

Our floor coatings resist damage from abrasions and chemical spills, and they’re flexible enough to expand and contract with changing temperatures, preventing chipping and cracking. Additionally, they’re immune to hot-tire pickups—damage that can occur when a vehicle’s hot tires melt and lift the paint or coating from the floor—making them an ideal option for auto shop coatings.

Easy Maintenance

The commercial garage floor coatings offered by Showcase Concrete Coatings is nonporous, making it much easier to clean than standard concrete, which often has numerous cracks and holes where dirt can accumulate. Your new floor can be mopped and pressure washed easily and without fear of damaging the coating.

Expert Installations

At Showcase Concrete Coatings, we not only offer some of the best shop floor coatings on the market, but we also excel in installation services. Your project will be led by a certified installer who is highly experienced and skilled in coating applications. We deliver Grade-A service from consultation to installation, and we’ll include the manufacturer’s warranty with your project to protect your investment.

For more information about our shop floor coatings, contact Showcase Concrete Coatings today. We’re based in Clearwater, FL, and proudly serve business owners throughout the Tampa Bay area.

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